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7 tips for a trip to Karlovy Vary


Peter's Height Lookout

The name is based on an event from 1712, when the Russian Tsar Peter I rode to these places on a bareback horse on a bet.

Length: 1,3 km, less demanding..

Svatos Rocks

They reach a height of 50m. There are a lot myths and legends around these rocks about Jan Svatos and the petrified wedding arose in the past. A wooden swing bridge is a dominant feature. There is also a refreshment in the garden restaurant.

Length: 7,8 km, moderately demanding.

Goethe's Lookout

The oldest viewpoint in Karlovy Vary. It was originally called the Crown Princess Stephanie's Lookout Tower. It was named after the German writer Goethe, who used to come here often for walks, since the 1960s.

Length: 2,9 km, moderately demanding.

Japanese Garden

A unique natural temple. The stone Japanese Zen Garden is built on a circular plan with an inner arch, symbolizing the principles of yin and yang. It is located in a park near the Beethoven Memorial.

Length: 2,2 km, less demanding.

Vítkova hora + Karlovy Vary Airport

Today's Vítkovka Mountain was built in 1932 at the same time as the Karlovy Vary Airport, which offers: sightseeing and romantic flights, balloon flights, aerobatic plane flight, etc.

Length: 5,7 km, moderately demanding.

Linhart Karlovy Vary

The areal is located at the St. Linhart cruise restaurant near Doubí near Karlovy Vary. It offers three game preserves with deer, fallow deer and wild boar. There is a chapel of St. Linhart and the remains of a church. There is a natural rope centre and lookout houses in the treetops. ;

Length: 3,8 km, moderately demanding.

Farm Hory

Between Karlovy Vary and Lokt, in the village of Hory, you will find an agritourism area surrounded by a large game preserve with fallow deer, red deer and mouflon. In addition to a pleasant restaurant, the Hory Farm also offers an equestrian area with plenty of activities and fishing. Enjoy a pleasant stay in the middle of beautiful nature among the animals.

Length:11,9 km, difficult.

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