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"Male health” programme

The aim of the "Male health” programme is to improve the quality of life of the man. A unique healing mud that is used for external application is part of the program. The use of mud has an amazing anti-inflammatory and biostimulating effect. Combination of mud treatment and other procedures - laser therapy, carbonic baths - stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic drainage and reduces the stagnation symptoms in the man’s sexual area. Treatment of urological diseases in the Intelekt Advanced Combo device in combination with oxygen therapy significantly improves your immunity, neurotrophy and microcirculation in organs of the small pelvis and prostate. The number of procedures is given for one adult person.

"Female health” programme

"Female health"is aimed at effective prevention and comprehensive treatment of a wide range of gynaecological and urological diseases, treatment of infertility, rehabilitation after inflammatory diseases of the small pelvic organs and treatment of climacteric syndrome. The healing method not only removes the symptoms of the disease but also gently influences the cause, it is aimed at eliminating dissonance in intimate relationships in combination with complex body detoxification. Treatment with the Intelekt Advanced Combo device will help your mood to stay good and also increase your physical and sexual activity for a long time.

"Joy of movement” programme

The motion apparatus as a complex biomechanical structure which is very vulnerable, subject to distortions, injuries, subsequent rebirth - tissue degeneration and dystrophy. Therefore, age-related and diagnosed disorders, changes and diseases of the locomotor system require prevention and completion of rehabilitation and recovery after treatment. A comprehensive approach to each client, as well as the use of our reinvigorating programmes, will make it possible to avoid the closest complications of the disease itself and the development of pathologies. The joy of comfortable movement is an unforgettable feeling!

“Weight loss” programme

The perfect balance in the body occurs when energy consumption (through diet) is equal to the energy output in activity. Our programmes allow you to precisely quantify your individual gold standard equilibrium: energy consumption = energy output. In our programmes, achieving a long-term stable weight and keeping it is supported by determining the degree of physical activity with subsequent definition of your physical exercise and a balanced and healthy diet. The shock wave therapy in weight reduction programs is aimed not only at reducing the number of fat cells, but also on restoring normal metabolism of subcutaneous fat tissue, which also leads to volume reductions and removal of "orange skin". The impact of the shockwave includes synthesizing collagen, which improves the tension and elasticity of the skin and reduces the number of lymph nodes.

“SPA-ANTISTRESS” relaxation programme

The "SPA-ANTISTRESS" program is designed and designed especially for those who have an active and hectic lifestyle and suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome. Irritability, loss of appetite, depression, insomnia - all of these things may cause stress. This leads primarily to rapid ageing and causes various diseases. Thanks to the comprehensive action of spa treatments, our specialists will help restore your good mood as well as your faith in your capabilities, and the body itself will begin resisting disease by activating your own life energy. As a result of the relaxing effect it has on the nervous system, arterial pressure is stabilized, sleep improves and psychological and physical strain is reduced.

The "Age and Health" programme

Based on the international experience gained in anti-ageing medicine, we have put together an age Management Program which includes diagnostic and special therapy stages. Individual recommendations on the basis of diagnostic results include recommendations for patients to adjust their lifestyle, diet and optimal physical exercise, as well as a special package of spa treatments.

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