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A modern wellness center with a new swimming pool (built in 2018), a new aqua-thermal complex with a Kneipp walkway, a mini-pool with a whirlpool with counter current, four saunas - Finnish, infrared, Russian and (steam sauna hammam - currently out of service), heated relaxation chairs, massage options with lava stones, balneal and aromatic massages, foot massage, multi-function Neo-Qi Mediq bath, Aqua ThermoJet, fitness room with kinesiotherapy facilities, as well as a wide offer of wraps and other spa procedures.

Our wellness center will enable you to achieve the effective recovery and restoration of the natural balance of soul and body at the highest level. Combining the different aqua-thermal complex regimens as well as a wide selection of wraps and other spa treatments allows us to create an individual program. We convert common procedures into a special ritual

that will fill you with unforgettable emotions and life energy. The aforementioned detoxification programs are complemented by lymphatic drainage, hydrocolon cleansing (intestinal flushing) and aesthetic medicine. In addition to comprehensive spa treatment, specialized sanitary and diagnostic programs are planned in the sanatorium. All therapeutic and spa treatments are performed in one sanatorium building.

Opening hours

Swimming pools: Monday - Sunday 8:00 - 21:00
Saunas: Monday - Sunday 15:00 - 21:00
Treatments: Monday - Saturday 9:00 - 17:00


Wellness procedures

Finnish sauna

Finnish sauna

The Finnish sauna stimulates the activity of the heart and blood vessels, improves the circulation of blood in the skin and muscles, the heart beats more intensely, the heart rate increases. It improves the activity of internal secretion glands that regulate the function of all organs and systems. Metabolism is more intense, proteins, fats, carbohydrates and microelements are dissociated better. The sauna treatment literally wakes up the whole body, tonifies the skin and improves the ability of its thermoregulation, improves blood circulation in it, health and mood changes to the better. Hot air with water vapour stimulates the nerve endings on the skin and "triggers" reflexively various physiological mechanisms and reactions. The skin gets warmer, the skin capillaries expand, sweating increases substantially. Then the harmful disintegration products that are a product of metabolism leave the body. At the same time, water and salt exchange is improved. Lactic acid is excluded from the body - the cause of physical fatigue; reactivity and muscle stretching increases.

The Finnish sauna eliminates fatigue, relaxes tired muscles, and improves taste, sleep and mood. No wonder that the physiological effect of the sauna is very beneficial even as part of treatment of many chronic diseases. Sauna helps treat nose and throat inflammation and chronic bronchitis.

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Turkish steam bath (hammam)

Turkish steam bath (hammam)

(Currently out of service)

The Turkish steam bath (hammam) differs from the Finnish and Russian saunas in effect and composition. It helps the organism to get rid of harmful products and toxins that accumulate in it, and also rejuvenates it. The Turkish steam bath has benches and heated floors, but the basic characteristic that distinguishes it from other saunas is that there is a high humidity that reaches up to 85% and the air temperature averages at 50 degrees. The hammam treatment starts with warming on stone benches, which are quite hot. You must lie there for half an hour. At that time, one begins to sweat strongly, and the organism gets rid of the harmful products that have accumulated in the surface layers of the skin.

The Turkish steam bath is very beneficial in case of rheumatism, respiratory diseases and some skin diseases. In order to achieve the therapeutic effect, eucalyptus is added. Thanks to it a healing effect is achieved, which means that saturated water vapour with eucalyptus cleanses the skin well, improves capillary circulation and, after it is absorbed into the body, has a healing effect.

Thanks to high humidity and temperature, the skin gets moisturised. The Turkish steam bath has a positive effect on hair, especially if it is weakened. After this bath, it are strengthened and hydrated to the maximum possible level.

Almost every woman is troubled by cellulite. If she visits the Turkish steam bath regularly, she may get rid of it completely.

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Ruská baňa

Russian “banha”

A modern way of using the sauna – contrary to the Finnish sauna it offers a slightly lower temperature, but the humidity is much higher. The steam is created by pouring water on hot stones. The Russian banha exhibits a positive influence on the immune system, flushing unwanted elements from the body while also contributing to a youthful look.

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Countercurrent pool

Countercurrent pool

The counterflow device is a unique invention for swimming pools between 15 and 20 metres of length. This device creates an "infinite pool" on a minimal area by providing unique opportunities for gradually increasing the sports load as well as for an effective curative massage with a stream of water with air bubbles. The countercurrent device produces two water jets with an air stream using pumps and nozzles. Pumps for the single-nozzle counterfcurrents can produce up to 3 kW and a water flow rate of up to 60 m3/h and generate an initial countercurrent impulse up to 35 kg per ms.

Pumps for the double-nozzle countercurrents can produce up to 4 kW and a water flow rate of up to 78 m3/h and generate an initial countercurrent impulse of up to 50 kg per ms. When a person overcomes the force of the countercurrent, they overcome a load comparable with long-distance swimming. The chlorine-free water disinfection and the complete absence of unpleasant chlorine odour, eye and skin irritation, dry and brittle hair, and other problems related to chemical water treatment allow for comfortable swimming in our pool. The natural treatment of water in the pool of our complex allows people who suffer from asthma and allergy to enjoy comfortable swimming without any negative consequences.

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A wholesome combination of air and water can give the body great pleasure. A large number of small bubbles gently massage the skin, relaxing the muscles and soothing the nervous system. The intensive current also massages certain body parts and improves blood circulation. After a tough day or a hard morning, the hydromassaging whirlpool will relax and restore your strength. You can sit as well as lie down comfortably in it, it is deep enough to allow the air and water to flow properly and act in the right way. The whirlpool will delight you and improve your health.

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Kneippův chodník

Kneipp Walking Pool

is a procedure of hydrotherapy discovered by Sebastian Kneipp. He created an integrated system of natural therapy that includes hydrotherapy, exercise, diet, and a natural lifestyle. The Kneipp walking pool is made up of two pools, alternating cold and hot water. In one pool, there is water of a temperature of up to 40°C, and in the other, the temperature is approximately 12°C. The patient treads through hot water for about one minute, and walks for about 5 seconds through the pool with cold water. This cycle is repeated several times. The last pool must be treading in cold water, after which the legs are rubbed dry. The main effect of this procedure is the improvement of circulation to the legs, improvement of the overall metabolism and blood circulation, and it helps alleviate headaches, improve blood supply to the legs, improves blood circulation, and leads to hardiness.

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Aqua ThermoJet

Aqua ThermoJet

A comfortable and relaxing massage takes place on a massaging water mattress, whose impressive design and nicely tempered water. It is a method of massaging the whole body by a hot water jet hitting a flexible membrane.

Such a modern massaging method reduces muscle tension and contributes positively to the overall blood supply of the body.

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Floating in a special floating tank with new technology. The floating tank is a small light-and-sound-protected tank with saturated English salt that maintains the body on the surface. The temperature of the solution is permanently maintained at human body temperature, and the body and brain are at rest due to the absence of external stimuli (gravity, light, sound, heat and tactile stimuli). Completely relaxes all the muscles, back and loin pain disappears, many endorphins - the hormones of happiness - will enter the blood. The concentration of cortisol - the stress hormone - will decrease significantly. In less than 30 minutes, the floating will offer more rest than a few hours of sleep. Stress, anxiety, depression disappear after the floating. One’s mood is calm and balanced. Relaxation and the good mood lasts several days after the procedure. Five to ten floating procedures are recommended to deepen and stabilize the effect.

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The Harmony Mediq Bath Box is the most sophisticated physiotherapeutic set, a universal combination of aesthetic and healing procedures. The wide range of features allows for the creation of unique individual programs based on the client’s needs. The bath box is designed for both weight and cellulite reduction procedures and skin toning, as well as for deep relaxation, regeneration after physical injury and the prevention of various illnesses. The Carefully thought-out design and a wider, extended ergonomic bed allow the client to sit comfortably and give specialists free access to any side of the bath box.

Basic Procedures in the Bath Box

  • Steam Procedure (Steam and/or Infrasauna)
  • Steam Sauna. The gentle warm steam carefully wraps the body with moisture, triggering the process of body detoxification, improving blood circulation and helping the penetration of the most valuable minerals and vitamins into the surface layers of the skin. Infrasauna. One of the most effective methods of thermal therapy. Heat waves penetrate deep into the body and heat the body in the most comfortable conditions. The infrasauna releases muscles, helps to effectively overcome excess weight, also a great prevention of heart and vascular disease and upper respiratory tract disease.
  • VICHY Shower. The medicinal VICHY shower is properly considered one of the best curative procedures in hydrotherapy. Water drops strike the body, massaging problematic parts, correcting the contours of the body, and removing muscle tension. Depending on the selected VICHY shower mode, rejuvenation, cellulite treatment and seasonal depression can be initiated.
  • Hydrotherapy Procedure in a Bath with Hydro- and Aeromassage. There is one more effective method of taking advantage of the healing properties of water. Strong water streams painlessly massage the problematic parts of the body, giving the skin softness and elasticity. Thousands of small air bubbles soothe the skin, calm the nervous system, remove pain and muscle tension.
  • Whole-body Peeling. This ritual ensures the nutrition, hydration and better elasticity of the skin. The use of various cosmetics offers endless possibilities to specialists. Mango and papaya extracts transfer the client to the hot tropics and a mixture of oriental spices will help you immerse yourself in the mysterious world of dreams and fantasies.
  • Wrap with Cosmetic Body Masks. A pleasant and effective procedure aimed at vitalizing the body and remedying both cosmetic and health problems. Just a few annual packs prevents cellulite from recurring, leaving the skin elastic, radiant and healthy.
  • Oil Massage. One of the best ways to recover and relax. The ergonomic bed and special design of the bath tub allow the specialist to perform various types of massages with maximum comfort.
  • Face Care During Body Procedures. During the procedure, the specialist can take the necessary care of the facial skin. 
  • Underwater Hand Shower Massage. This hydromassage through a controlled water stream helps to improve the condition of the skin, surface muscles and internal organs. The procedure also has a relaxing and vitalizing effect. 
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Body care

Neo Qi

Body SPA packs - BODY BASE

  • Aromatic black mud and honey pack
  • Algae pack
  • Green tea pack
  • Honey pack
  • Chocolade pack
  • Oil pack
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Ošetření kosmetikou ALQVIMIA


Two completely original rituals of eternal youth have been created just for our hotel using Spanish cosmetics ALQVIMIA, which is based on ancient alchemical art and traditional aromatherapy.

Ritual for ladies ULRIKA
Includes a face and body treatment where the skin looks perfectly hydrated and toned thanks to its alchemical blend of the purest natural active ingredients. The ritual envelops you in a cloud of perfect tranquility.

Ritual for men GOETHE
There are few places in this world where you can easily find serenity, peace, beauty and health. This holistic treatment is designed to dissolve stress and surround you with an aura of a rare kind of deep and soulful well-being.

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Aromatic bath

Aromatic bath

Various combinations of herbal extracts can be used as ingredients. The bath is used to relax, remove nervous tension, stress, strengthen the nervous and circulatory system. It is effective in case of neurosis, insomnia, respiratory diseases, dry and problematic skin such as prevention of thrombophlebitis, locomotor system disorders, joint pains and hangover. Aromatic oil is always chosen individually. The healing effect for the entire human organism is achieved by inhaled evaporation of essential oils and its penetration through the skin pores. The bath has a relaxing, stimulating and reinvigorating effect depending on the type of ingredient.

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  • Aromatic massage
  • Honey massage
  • Foot Reflex massage


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The solarium can give you a nice tan any time of the year. You can moderate the symptoms of many dermatological troubles such as psoriasis or acne.

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Mineral Springs

Mineral Springs

Karlovy Vary mineral springs create a basis of Karlovy Vary spa treatment and belong to the most effective mineral springs in the world. Each of these springs rises from the ground with a different temperature and different content of carbon dioxide, has its own name and number and is found in one of five colonnades.

  • Park colonnade
  • Mill colonnade
  • Market colonnade
  • Castle colonnade
  • Hot Spring colonnade
 Pramen Vřídlo  73,4°C  Vřídelní kolonáda
 Pramen Karla IV.  61,7°C  Tržní kolonáda
 Dolní Zámecký pramen  52,9°C  Tržní kolonáda
 Horní Zámecký pramen  53,6°C  Zámecké lázně
 Tržní pramen  64,7°C  Tržní kolonáda
 Mlýnský pramen  58,6°C  Mlýnská kolonáda
 Rusalčin pramen  60,4°C  Mlýnská kolonáda
 Pramen knížete Václava I.  66,1°C  Mlýnská kolonáda
 Pramen knížete Václava II.  64,5°C  Mlýnská kolonáda
 Libušin pramen  63,4°C  Mlýnská kolonáda
 Skalní pramen  47,1°C  Mlýnská kolonáda
 Pramen Svobody  63,2°C  vlastní altán pramene
 Sadový pramen  42,8°C  hala Sadového pramene
 Pramen Štěpánka  14,4°C  vlastní altán pramene
 Pramen Hadí  30 °C  Sadová kolonáda
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Let yourself be pampered in a luxurious setting in one of the most equipped hotels in Karlovy Vary.

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