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Cryotherapy (CRYONE) with an Entirely New Unique German Technology

The method is based on a stress factor: under the influence of extreme cold, the human immune system is mobilized to protect it from unfavorable conditions. The blood vessels initially narrow, then expand after the initiating of the compensatory reaction, resulting in increased blood flow and the release of another part of the hormones. This explains the stimulating effect of rapid cooling and the feeling of warmth that spreads throughout the body during this procedure.

Controlled WINBACK diathermy contact on the TR-Therapy Elit instrument

“Transmission of healing energy” in the newest controlled diathermy contact BTL 6000 TR-Therapy Elite The contact diathermy instrument directs a high-frequency electrical current to the tissues of the body. Electromagnetic energy passing through the cells selectively heats these tissues (i.e. targeted, controlled). The penetration capability is very large and cannot be achieved in any other manner. The local and rapid rise in temperature results in the permanent widening of local vascular networks, which causes: relaxation of muscle hypertonic fibers, rapid regeneration and tissue healing, reduction of swelling and relief of pain.

Shockwave Therapy on the SHOCKWAVE Instrument

A new effective remedy for locomotor diseases and cellulite, which marks a revolutionary breakthrough in the treatment of chronic congestion. The method is based on the application of high energy vibrations in the area of the diseases. The treatment permanently reduces pain, improves local blood circulation, releases painful bone growths, calcified and fibrotic deposits - with the subsequent resorption of their fragments. The positive effect of this method is to significantly reduce and eliminate pain by disrupting the vicious circle of a disease, restoring the range of movement in the joints and subsequently increasing the load capacity, returning to professional or daily activities. 
Practical experience shows that 80-85% of patients have a sustained effect after treatment with the SHOCKWAVE instrument, and many patients have been able to return to their professional activity after the first procedure. Moreover, this treatment method is very suitable for athletes, not required for them to be excluded for a long period from the rhythm of competitions or training, as well as for businesspeople, because it has a permanent positive effect after just three short treatment procedures. 

Laser Therapy on the LASER LUMIX ULTRA 19W Instrument

Laser radiation on the LASER LUMIX ULTRA 19W instrument has the following features: coherence, monochromaticity, polarization and resonance. These laser properties allow you to concentrate more energy in the required location. The mechanism with laser radiation effect on the tissue lies in total energy activity at the level of the molecules and atoms. In addition, the thermal energy transmitted, the influence of the electromagnetic field, photochemical and photoelectric effects are significant. Local radiation due to laser therapy also causes the release of calcium ions from the intracellular depot with the further expansion of waves with increased Ca2 + concentration, triggering calcium-dependent processes in the cytosol of the living cell. The secondary effects of the adaptive and compensatory reactions occurring in cells, tissues, organs and the entire body are then developed: the activation of cell metabolism and the increase of their functional activity, the stimulation of repair processes, anti-inflammatory effect, activation of blood microcirculation and increase of trophic tissue supply, analgesic and an immunomodulatory effect, a reflective effect on the functional activity of various organs and systems.

Laser Treatment of Urological and Gynecological Diseases on the Intelekt Advanced Combo Instrument

Multi-component action of a combination of three physiotherapeutic factors using the Intelekt Advanced Combo  instrument creates a sustained anti-inflammatory, vasoprotective, analgesic and immunomodulatory effect that helps increase the efficacy of chronic inflammatory diseases of female and male genital organs as well as incontinence, infertility, erectile dysfunction, and a variety of other diseases. This effective therapy is indispensable for rehabilitation after surgery and injuries.
Typically, 6 to 7 procedures daily are performed. The instrument meets all standards and allows you to continuously change all radiation parameters.

Floating in a New Unique Floating Tank

Floating in a special floating tank with new technology. The floating tank is a small light-and-sound-protected tank with saturated English salt that maintains the body on the surface. The temperature of the solution is permanently maintained at human body temperature, and the body and brain are at rest due to the absence of external stimuli (gravity, light, sound, heat and tactile stimuli). Completely relaxes all the muscles, back and loin pain disappears, many endorphins - the hormones of happiness - will enter the blood. The concentration of cortisol - the stress hormone - will decrease significantly. In less than 30 minutes, the floating will offer more rest than a few hours of sleep. Stress, anxiety, depression disappear after the floating. One’s mood is calm and balanced. Relaxation and the good mood lasts several days after the procedure. Five to ten floating procedures are recommended to deepen and stabilize the effect. 

High Induction Magnetotherapy on the SALUS TALENT PRO Instrument

The High Induction Magnetotherapy method works as follows: the instruments generates an electromagnetic field projected onto a limited segment of the human body so that it covers the application zone. This field interacts with the cells of the body, then compensatory mechanisms triggered within them, resulting in the induction field’s basic effect. Health problems affect not only the structure of organs and tissues but the magnetic properties of the body. If we act accordingly toward the damaged organs, we can return them to a natural balance, which will help one to heal more quickly.
The effect of anti-inflammatory, sedative, anti-flow, hypotensive (lowering of arterial pressure), analgesic effect (helping to effectively overcome even strong phenomena such as phantom pain) as the basic effects of high induction magnetotherapy. Moreover, processes that ensure normal tissue nutrition and improve their regeneration capacity are restored. High-induction magnetotherapy is also a tool that can deliver great relief and, in some cases, completely eliminate unwanted feelings of pain.

Dry Carbon Dioxide Bath on CO2 CARBOBED Therapy Instrument

An entirely new method of carbon dioxide treatment on the Carbobed instrument. Total or partial carbon dioxide bath, in which the patient’s neck or chest is covered in a special chamber filled with carbon dioxide. Treatment in the Carbobed chamber has a positive effect on blood circulation, reduces arterial pressure, reduces the burden on the heart, improves blood circulation in peripheral parts of the body, improves metabolism, has anti-inflammatory effects, stimulates the production of sex hormones - testosterone and estradiol. 

LPG Therapy on the LPG Cellu M6 Integral 2 Instrument

The Correctional Cosmetology Salon of Hotel Ulrika presents the new French seventh generation LPG SYSTEM instrument Cellu M6 Integral - enhanced by technological innovations in body modeling and facial rejuvenation. LPG therapy is a unique multidimensional mechanical effect on the surface of the skin that induces a biochemical reaction in both the superficial and the deepest layers of the tissue. This physiological process, called mechanotransduction, stimulates adipocytes (fat cells), resulting in triggering active lipolysis even in the zones of the most resistant local fat deposits. During the procedure, one’s metabolism is accelerated 3-4 times. The burning of fat is faster. One LPG procedure - lipomatosis is comparable to 9 km of running! The LPG process is not just about burning soft fat deposits, it is also a biochemical effect on muscles and blood vessels that cause them to shrink, resulting in an increased blood flow. This speeds up the metabolic processes in the body, leading to self-cleansing of the body, the passing of excess fluid and the relaxing of muscle cramps. In addition, the body contours are modeled, the texture of the skin is improved, and the volume of the problem areas you are focused on is reduced. 


The Harmony Mediq Bath Box is the most sophisticated physiotherapeutic set, a universal combination of aesthetic and healing procedures. The wide range of features allows for the creation of unique individual programs based on the client’s needs. The bath box is designed for both weight and cellulite reduction procedures and skin toning, as well as for deep relaxation, regeneration after physical injury and the prevention of various illnesses. The Carefully thought-out design and a wider, extended ergonomic bed allow the client to sit comfortably and give specialists free access to any side of the bath box.

Basic Procedures in the Bath Box

  • Steam Procedure (Steam and/or Infrasauna)
  • Steam Sauna. The gentle warm steam carefully wraps the body with moisture, triggering the process of body detoxification, improving blood circulation and helping the penetration of the most valuable minerals and vitamins into the surface layers of the skin. Infrasauna. One of the most effective methods of thermal therapy. Heat waves penetrate deep into the body and heat the body in the most comfortable conditions. The infrasauna releases muscles, helps to effectively overcome excess weight, also a great prevention of heart and vascular disease and upper respiratory tract disease.
  • VICHY Shower. The medicinal VICHY shower is properly considered one of the best curative procedures in hydrotherapy. Water drops strike the body, massaging problematic parts, correcting the contours of the body, and removing muscle tension. Depending on the selected VICHY shower mode, rejuvenation, cellulite treatment and seasonal depression can be initiated.
  • Hydrotherapy Procedure in a Bath with Hydro- and Aeromassage. There is one more effective method of taking advantage of the healing properties of water. Strong water streams painlessly massage the problematic parts of the body, giving the skin softness and elasticity. Thousands of small air bubbles soothe the skin, calm the nervous system, remove pain and muscle tension.
  • Whole-body Peeling. This ritual ensures the nutrition, hydration and better elasticity of the skin. The use of various cosmetics offers endless possibilities to specialists. Mango and papaya extracts transfer the client to the hot tropics and a mixture of oriental spices will help you immerse yourself in the mysterious world of dreams and fantasies.
  • Wrap with Cosmetic Body Masks. A pleasant and effective procedure aimed at vitalizing the body and remedying both cosmetic and health problems. Just a few annual packs prevents cellulite from recurring, leaving the skin elastic, radiant and healthy.
  • Oil Massage. One of the best ways to recover and relax. The ergonomic bed and special design of the bath tub allow the specialist to perform various types of massages with maximum comfort.
  • Face Care During Body Procedures. During the procedure, the specialist can take the necessary care of the facial skin. 
  • Underwater Hand Shower Massage. This hydromassage through a controlled water stream helps to improve the condition of the skin, surface muscles and internal organs. The procedure also has a relaxing and vitalizing effect. 

Let yourself be pampered in a luxurious setting in one of the most equipped hotels in Karlovy Vary.

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