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When you come to Karlovy Vary, you expect nothing less than a fairy tale. A spa town that you can return to countless times and still be surprised by its exceptionally magical spa atmosphere. A city of stories that cannot leave anyone cold. This town did not get its name by chance. Charles IV could tell a story about the boiling springs here... But this time we came to hear a different story. Can't you wait? Then we won't keep you in suspense any longer...

The story of a great unfulfilled love that has gone down in history. This is the story of 17-year-old Ulrika von Levetzow and the famous Johann Wolfgang Goethe, more than 50 years her senior. The pure emotion that gave birth to a story shrouded in mystery, the depths of which can be glimpsed in the Marian Elegy - one of Goethe's most famous love poems. The charm with which Ulrika won Goethe's heart will thus never be forgotten. Just as guests will never forget their stay in a place that reverently bears the name of that beloved muse. Welcome with us to the Spa Hotel ULRIKA.

Unassuming on the outside, but full of surprises on the inside. Spa Hotel ULRIKA is a jewel among spa hotels and its visit should not be delayed by anyone who loves first-class care, superior service and comprehensive, highly modern care for body and spirit. A wide range of medical and spa treatments, which are unique in Karlovy Vary and are among the best in terms of the whole country. In Spa Hotel ULRIKA you simply cannot help but indulge in relaxation. The wide selection of massages, wraps and spa treatments is complemented by an exceptionally beautiful centre with a swimming sports pool and a generously designed aquacomplex, which includes a relaxation pool with counter-current and lagoon, a whirlpool with colour therapy, a Kneipp walkway and four types of saunas, in which even the most demanding sauna lovers will indulge. 

In the Spa Hotel ULRIKA you will feel like a precious guest whose presence is truly enjoyed by all. After a sumptuous breakfast, you will forget all the worries of everyday life as you sip the renowned Chandon Garden Spritz on the outdoor terrace and the sun makes for a beautiful day.

After just a few hours at the Spa Hotel ULRIKA, it was clear to us that the name of this hotel was perfectly chosen. After all, it is quite impossible to resist falling in love with the detailed Art Deco interiors, the lavish buffets, the comfortable rooms of the highest standard and the ever-present attentive hospitality. Although the Colonnade in Karlovy Vary is a true gem, you'll have to talk yourself out of wanting to stray from the impeccable care of the Spa Hotel ULRIKA. In any case, if you do decide it's time for an adventure in the heart of spa life, just take a few steps and you're there. The Spa Hotel ULRIKA is just a short walk from the colonnade, healing springs and warm spa wafers. 

It's not hard to fall in love with the Spa Hotel ULRIKA. Those who want to take advantage of targeted treatment under the supervision of a spa doctor and those who want to enjoy exceptional relaxation in a place that embraces you, caresses you and lovingly fulfils everything you desire. Whether you come for a weekend or for a healing fortnight. You will feel like the most special guests every time. And this is for us the story of the great love sung by poets, which everyone should indulge in at least once in their lifetime...

Source: Czech Hotel Awards


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